Thursday, 1 February 2018

My Beauty Sparkle: Mademoizelle Beauty by AnA

1. Can you tell us about your job?

Yes of course, I develop a business in the field of beauty, well-being and nutrition through social networks (mainly Facebook). I’m a partner of a company specialized in the field of the anti-aging for more than 30 years and which is present in 54 countries. I accompany people who are motivated to build their online business as well and help them with free and personalized training to achieve the goals they have set for themselves: either to make sales or to become a leader and to form a team. I also have my YouTube channel "Mademoizelle Beauty by Ana" and I'm an instructor of Zumba!

2. When did you start your business?

I started this activity 9 months ago

3. When did you first become interested in beauty?

Since I was old enough to try them, that’s about 17 years ago...

4. When did you move to London?

8 years ago now! I first came here for an experience of about 2 years and I am still here. I love this city! It moves and there are always plenty of opportunities.

5. What has surprised you about life there?

Several things surprised me:

- Traffic (don’t take the bus on Friday afternoon)

- When you are crossing on a pedestrian, it is written on the ground where you have to look: ATTENTION ON ROLL LEFT (always good to specify it...haha)

- There are not really schedules of big affluences!!! There are always people everywhere ... everywhere ... (ok except Sunday morning at 7am at Piccadilly Circus!)

- Much more flexible in terms of professional experiences. People often change jobs and that's ok.

- The Christmas atmosphere is fantastic & the people festive!

- The Sunday Roast & the English breakfast = a MUST DO!!!

- People in general do not cook much at home (take away or restaurant)

6. How do you select your products?

It is essential for me to best advise my customers. For that, I test all the products that I sell. My advice is always to be honest and adapt to the customer.

I first started with "Best Seller" products such as clay mask, green tea capsules, whitening toothpaste, serum for regrowth of eyelashes, lip balm plumping & mascara. Then, little by little, I tried other more or less affordable products such as the device to reduce cellulite, several different facials / body / hair care and makeup. I will test a 3 months program for weight management. I look forward to starting and sharing my experience with all my customers.

7. What beauty products do you bring when you travel?
Way too many (haha)! My facial cleanser, it cleans and removes at the same time in just 2 minutes (I can’t do without it), my green tea capsules to drain well during the trip. My personalized day / night creams, my mascara & my hair mask!!! There are many more ... the list is too long ;-)

8. When did you start wearing makeup?

Good question. I think around 16 years old. It was something very light... Besides, even now I do not wear that much makeup apart for special occasions.

9. Do you have any beauty inspirations?

I do not have a celebrity in particular that inspires me in beauty. On the other hand, I like to watch beauty videos of Natamélie, THEJORDANS, WORLD OF SISTERS & Cynthia Dulude to name a few.

10. Your favorite places to shop?

Sincerely since I started working as a partnership with this beauty Company, all facial / body / hair treatments come from there, these products are of high quality. Same for my mascara, serum eyelashes and lipsticks are also coming from there. As for my eyeshadow, I'm still going shopping at Urban Decay, Too faced & MAC.

11. What is your favourite skincare routine?

My evening routine: I use my facial cleansing brush. Then I remove my eyes with micellar water. I apply my personalized cream & serum day and night.

Sunday before doing my daily evening routine: I make a clay mask and then I apply a moisturizing mask. You can find my complete routine here:

12. What makeup do you use on a daily basis?

As I said before, I do not wear a lot of makeup. Finally, I would say rather that I wear makeup but with a natural finish. I try to take the time to unify my complexion. Because I find that if the complexion is not pretty and well we can quickly look tired. After applying my serum & day cream, I apply a primer on my face, then my foundation, the concealer, the serum for the eyelashes, the mascara, the eyeliner depending on the day & a lipstick or lip gloss.

13. What is a typical day for you?

A typical day of the week at home looks like this:

I get up early at 5.30am, I listen to an audio book for 30 minutes, I answer to my pending messages for 30 minutes, once we are ready (clothes, makeup, breakfast), I bring my daughter at the day nursery, I visit new places to work on my laptop, I eat, I come home to do housework and / or I shoot a video for my YouTube channel. Then I go and pick up my daughter, bath & shower for me, prepare the next day, cook dinner, eat, put my daughter to bed and I relax a moment on the couch before going to bed too and meditate for 5 minutes. On Wednesdays I also teach Zumba at a gym Center.
14. Do you still get excited when you discover a new beauty product?

Oh yes!!! Always!! I love to test and discover new products.

15. Can you describe your bedtime rituals?

It makes me smile because I don’t have any ... ahhah ... but I do apply a serum, cream for my face & after shower a super moisturizing cream on the body.

16. Is there a specific moment in your life where you felt really beautiful?

I will answer by telling you that with the years, I learned to love myself and to find myself beautiful. It has not always been the case ... In order to feel better, I learned to change my habits by taking care of myself both inside (meditation, sport, personal development, dietary supplement) and the outside (makeup, care, fashion). All these actions have taught me to know myself better, to appreciate myself for what I am and to be less demanding with myself. We are often our worst enemy!

17. Do you also sell men's products?

In the collection which I represent, I would say the rejuvenate moisturizer. It moisturizes deeply, protects the skin, is not greasy and feels very good.

Concerning products on the Market, I would say a balm for the beard.
18. "Pop-question": Bath or Shower?

Bath without hesitation! If I could take baths every day I would do it! Sunday is sacred, afternoon pampering with a bath as a reward unique in its kind = TOTAL HAPPINESS!

Thanks to Mademoizelle Beauty by AnA

Monday, 1 May 2017

Sweden opens World's first Mall for repaired and recycled goods

A new generation of recycling has now gone from local drop-off centers to a shopping mall that sells only repaired or upcycled products.
The new recycling establishment, ReTuna Återbruksgalleria, has nothing to do with the fish; instead, it was named after the Swedish town in which the building is located, Eskilstuna, Sweden.
The facilities contain both a recycling center and a shopping mall. Customers can donate the items that they no longer need, then shop for something new – all in one stop.
Dropped off goods are sorted into various workshops where they are refurbished or repaired accordingly. Products are then sorted into 14 specialty shops that include furniture, computers, audio equipment, clothes, toys, bikes, and gardening and building materials; all garnered from second-hand products.
The center also includes a café and restaurant with a heavy focus on organic products, as well as a conference and exhibition facility complete with a specialty school for studying recycling.
The center, which is operated by the local municipality, has benefited the local economy by creating 50 new repair and retail jobs, and providing space for private start-ups and local artisans.
The biggest bonus for the Swedish community is how the center relieves local government from the tremendous burden and expense of disposing of unwanted goods while turning potential “waste” into profits.
“Our idea is that the customer comes here and leaves for example some furniture and clothing that can get tired or have no use for anymore,” says Anna Bergström, center manager ReTuna Recycling Galleria. “Then you go a lap at the mall. Maybe find a new jacket and a new framework that will make the photograph of the grandfather unique and extra fine. Since you eat organic lunch in our restaurant to gather strength to go another lap and find new flowers for the garden and a new lamp for the living room. When you leave here, you should feel that you did something good for the environment and that they shopped climate.”
Source: The Good News.
(Photo by ReTuna Återbruksgalleria)

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Pocket Mirror

Today, Scandinavian design is once again riding a wave of success that many say stems from a wider fascination with Nordic countries.

Nordic arts and culture, have become increasingly popular abroad. "I think it started with a mix of different furniture, interiors, food, music, and film."

Danes were announced as the happiest people in the world a couple of years ago and even Oprah was talking about it, this is why I'm presenting a new Danish label "Woud" from Daniel Schofield. 

The product range is so beautiful that you will love the lamps, furniture and home accessories. That's how it should be!

This is exactly the case with this round mirror. This is not only a simple surface in which one can greet his mirror image, it offers the possibility to leave small pots in its small cup-shaped storage. For example, my hairpins or my glasses and keys, which I sometimes times can't find in my apartment.

The shell is made of oak, which you can order in three versions.

I especially like the fact that by the mirroring of the tray the shell looks as if it were perfectly round.


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Foot rest

Just finished creating a new Foot Rest for my mum's apartment. You will need an Ikea storage basket, cotton and a nice pattern. 
The bottom of your basket will be used to create the top part of the Foot Rest. To do so, turn the storage basket and add cotton on top and cover it with a cute pattern, use a staple gun to fix the pattern on the inside part of the storage basket.

Cut two wooden sticks and nail the two pieces at the bottom of your storage basket.

Finally done, I'm so happy of the result. 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Hair Tutorial

Apart from the perfect make-up and trendy outfits, a right haircut is also being an important part for your style. It can make you look stylish and attractive. There are always different kinds of hairstyles every season. You can choose one suitable for your personality.

Long hair with heavy fringe bangs - very 60s rock and roll. perfect for my next cut!

I don't look like this when I flipped my hair in the wind.  

Braid Redhead, so lovely.

Trendy and Chic Short Hairstyles for Summer.

 My favorite one...

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Impressive DIY Lego Table

Sarah is a stay at home mom of three amazing children, if like her children you have a large collection of Legos, you might wanna create a Lego Table like she did. Well done Sarah, this is a great and creative idea.

Supplies Needed

  • IKEA Ingo Dining Table
  • IKEA Trofast buckets (she got the medium sized ones)
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill with spade bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray Paint
  • Clear Sealant
    How To

    First step-assemble that table!

    She carefully measured out where on the table she wanted the buckets. She used a straight-edged level to make sure the rectangles were perfect.

    Each rectangle is 15.75" across, and 10.25 inch tall
    I measured in 4" from the side of the table
    I measured 2.25" from the top of the table. 

    Use your spade drill bit (you can buy one at any hardware store) to make a hole, up near one of the corners.  This is how you will start your cut with the jigsaw.

    Next, use your jigsaw to cut out the rectangles, following the lines you previously drew.  It's ok if they are not exact!
    Here are the rectangles, pre-sanding, and painting.
     If you aren't a huge fan of the pine look, you can spray it in white.

    Drop in the bins,  and fill with Legos!
    (those bins hold A TON of Legos)

    Thanks Sarah for your creative and amazing work!