Friday, 22 July 2011

Amazing closets

I really like the fact that you can hang boots in your closet, very clever idea.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lace and beauties

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Girls and boys

Your girlfriend isn’t clingy because she cares. Isn’t Psycho because she wants to know who you’re with. Isn’t doubtful because she fears losing you. Isn’t insecure because she thinks another girl isn’t pretty. She isn’t boring because you don’t see her dolled up any more. She just feels comfortable. Don’t blame her if she doesn’t call you all the time, she doesn’t want you to think she’s crazy. She just wants you to have some space. When you ask your girlfriend if you can do something and she says yes, it doesn’t always mean sure, go ahead. Yes she trusts you, she just doesn’t always trust the people around you. She is not territorial. She’s not controlling. She just likes you, want you to stay, and is just being the normal, caring, loving, will-do-anything type of girlfriend she is. So don’t break promises, even though we know you sometimes will, so don’t ignore her even though sometimes you do. Don’t take advantage of her kindness, even though you already have and don’t hurt her. Us girls don’t ask for much, just a moment of your time, a hand to hold, shoulder to cry on and ears that will actually listen. We don’t expect you to be perfect because we already think your perfect for us. Your imperfections just make us love you more and more, so don’t hurt her, because she dropped her guard for you.


Swiss Packaging: Brand Astier de Villatte

Father's day packaging

Honey Bee pot, uhmmm yumi

Would you like to read a good recipe then buy your daily Bread at Flour Pot Bakery....

The Flour Pot Bakery Pot strives for a healthy diet with high quality, natural ingredients and environmentally friendly practices. The bakery's interior space is inviting and warm with natural lighting and eclectic funky displays advertising baked goods.

This identity system was designed to convey the unique and handmade qualities of the bakery. The hand-drawn type was inspired by the wiry Christmas lights arranged throughout the dining area. They chose to design a menu that could be carried home without hassle. They placed all menu items on a baguette carry-out bag so that customers could carry the menu home easily while simultaneously being able to enjoy a Flour Pot baked good. An alternate menu for lunch is available for guests who dine in.

TrueCoffee, the coffee shop that serves coffee and bakery with high-speed internet in a cosy and modern atmosphere, expanded their food range to a quick bites like hot dogs.

They wanted hot dog packaging that would attract teenagers. We reinterpreted the word ‘hot dog’ and created a lovely dachshund character.

Monday, 4 July 2011

My library ♥

Dreamy library room

Friday, 1 July 2011

Pathological picture taker, camera's in love

My dear fairy godmother, I would like this camera for my birthday LOL, no no just kidding but it is a really nice design.

Cute ♥

Imagination and creating at a young age, this photo is awesome too ;)

Glamping ... Glamorous Camping

Ready for Summer time? yes 100% ready to go glamping, such a nice feeling to spend time in one of those tent. I'm loving it :)

Gorgeous Style of the day

Love the green colour of this shirt.

Very classy this black and white striped top it suits the creamy skirt.

Friday's nails

Good morning my lovelies, I'm usually not posting nails polish, but I guess those designed nails needed to be posted. Enjoy and have fun today.