Damn backwards jealousy!

Getting jealous, uhmmm not really and never with your boyfriend's current female friends. On that point I guess we all agree, female friends are definitely not an issue.

Do you ever get jealous? For example you hear in a conversation the name of his ex-girlfriend, how do you usually react? Do you keep listening to the conversation or do you just keep doing what you do with no interest for his ex-girlfriend? 
Women are getting very creative when it comes to jealousy, it is amazing how much time we can waste and how much women have this ability to torture themselves just to get a tiny drop of information about how his ex-girlfriend looked like or is he still in contact with her.
We humans not only have the tendency to become jealous over imagined threats, we also don’t often seem to take into account the “cost” of certain behaviors. Spending your time watching, following, or checking up on a partner takes time away from accomplishing your own goals. So, word from the wise, put down that magnifying glass and stop doing detective work. If you’re looking for something, you will find it. And what you most likely will find is that it only increases your jealous ways. The more you check your partner’s phone and social stalk them, the more obsessed you become. Therefore, if you want to lessen your jealous feelings, you need to lessen this behavior.