Monday, 27 June 2011

A dreaming place to be in Malmö

In the middle of St. Canute's cultural quarter in Malmö, there is a large corner apartment on three levels, which definitely outshines the majority of homes. The second floor has a distinctive character with a cross wind and the longitudinal beams, sloping ceilings, skylights and a fantastic light! The lounge on the second floor is facing continuous light and offers large and beautiful open spaces. Would love to have a lemon juice and read a nice book on the terrace, plus there is a quiet courtyard. Beautiful materials, a harmonious softness and a highly personal touch. Unique, delicious and tasteful.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mini pies

Today is one of those days that I would need to bake something sweet. Something like those little cute pies and i would seat on on my couch in front of my chimney with a great cup of tea, yeah yeah I know what you are thinking... what on earth is wrong with me.... but well if you were here you would see that it has been raining and cold since a few days and it is JUNE, come on we need some sun. :D

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Love the idea... would go to the gym with that bag or I could go shopping. LOL

Graphic... graphic =)

In Chicago, Tinted Green ♥

By going through different Design web page I found out an old article from the New York Times about an amazing home in the neighbourhood of Chicago. It is a beautiful modern redesign of a warehouse. Frances Whitehead and James Elniski, faculty members at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, embraced the idea of green living when they built their home in the West Town neighbourhood of Chicago. Though they are the first to admit that there is always room to be greener, they clearly believe that the green movement has merit and are satisfied in their attempt at balancing sustainability with aesthetics...

By using as much as the existing building as possible and installing a number of green systems, the house is a true experiment in more-sustainable and environmentally-friendly living. Geothermal heating, radiant heated floors, wind turbines, rain water cisterns, photovoltaic and thermal panels are just the beginning. The couple's architect and contractor, William James, of James & Kutyla Architecture admitted it was an ambitious project.

Friday, 3 June 2011

The clothes of the day

Looking outside.. right now it looks like it is going to rain, therefore I could be ready to wear my brown leather boots again and a nice jersey, but guess what today I came with little Summer Shoes cause my positive brain part told me this morning that it would be a great sunny day, LOL seems that part of my brain was wrong. I was just trying to find a good motivation this morning when I woke up for work. More seriously, I really like those boots.

My weekend is planned

Tomorrow I have an amazing plan:

1. I have to study and get ready for the final presentation (design of an apartment of 160 m2) yeah yeah I know that is nothing exciting, but it is still very interesting to do it.

Well if I wasn't going to study I would actually do the following things:

2. Have a lemonade on a terrace

3. I would go shopping (well shopping isn't my favourite hobby) but I still need to find a dress for my cousin's wedding.

Dresses in the tree....

4. I would go near the sea in order to enjoy the sun cause right now we have a grey grey really awful grey sky. So please let me go and find some sun. =)

Skirt red stripes & pleats

Hello my lovelies,

I haven't been able to post anything since a month due to some technical issues, but now I'm back and ready to Rock with some new products that I discovered lately.
Here is a red stripes skirt, super cute isn't it? I'm not a big fan of red clothes but this one is really classy, love it.

Technology 3D Model

Mike Kneupfel, a student at NYU's Interactive Technology Program, made a 3D model showing the keys he presses most frequently when typing, composed of raised keys on a keyboard.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Scandinavian's interior I love you ♪♫♪

The accommodation is spread over two floors, the attic is nicely decorated with a large lovely adjoining terrace. The lounge is generous and the large windows to the quiet street below let in an amazing light. Treated with white lye wood floors and impressive high ceiling it creates an incredible atmosphere. The kitchen is equally well-appointed with full mechanical equipment and stylish kitchen units in white. In the hall there are stairs from which we reach the upper level. The wall here has been designed with bricks which follows all the way up to the ridge - so nice! Wooden floors, beamed ceilings, a loft and a beautiful terrace - like a dream! This is a classic Scandinavian and clean accommodation with ingenious solutions and outstanding features. Love it :)