Sunday, 27 June 2010

Painting chairs with your kids

Most children love to draw. Why don't they become the designers of their bedroom? Jean-François Lesage is convinced of their creativity. For that purpose, since this year he dedicates a brand new service to this great generation of kids.
Children like stories even when they play around, they are always drawing something during a day. Their drawings are often touching, filled with humor and poetry. Why don't we immortalize them? This is what Jean- François Lesage proposed by reproducing children's painting on chairs. A drawing of a child brings an emotion on a fabric. Don't you think so? :)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Gandia Blasco's Pergola

In a town (Los Angeles) where outdoor entertaining's the ruler rather the exception and the sun can be a force to be reckoned with (we hear we missed a killer heatwave this weekend!), a pergola's welcome, even necessary, addition to a garden space. These, by Gandia Blasco, which was spotted at ICFF in 2008 is still very used and into the top design sales.

Fambuena lights

By going through my messy design docs and magazines, I found one invitation card for the ICFF-NY 2010 (International Contemporary furniture fair in New York) wasn't able to attend but I was curious and I went on their website and discovered a great design company called Fambuena. They are creating the following lamps and lights. Nice! what do you think?

Friday, 18 June 2010

Palace les 3 couronnes Vevey

Last Tuesday I had the great chance to be invited to a garden party on the terrace of the beautiful Palace Hotel of Vevey situated in Switzerland with a great view on the lake. This Palace is a friendly, quiet and peaceful place doesn't look like other Hotels that I previously visited I never felt comfortable in Business' Hotels but the Vevey's Palace is totally different, I loved it.
The architecture is amazing and I would love to design it once in my life.
I was in a charming place, talked to very interesting people, what else could I asked for... uhmm maybe stay one night in my life in that Hotel.

Here are some pictures of this amazing architectural Palace

Thanks to my friend Julien, he knew I would love this place.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Villa Lindenegg

This weekend I went at the Villa Lindenegg it is one of my favourite place, cause it's situated in the middle of the city but surrounded by big trees and gardens therefore we can't hear the traffic noise of the city. Here are some pictures of that amazing place.

The Villa Lindenegg was built in 18th century by the architect Albert Bridel, the sad part of that story is that the architect and his wife Luise Julie Neuhaus never lived in the house themselves: during the construction planning phase, Luise Julie Bridel - Neuhaus died at only 31 years old following an extended illness. Her husband Albert Bridel was fatally wounded during the move by a pistol which accidentally went off. The couple was survived by four children... One of their sons, lived in the house with his wife when he was older. After many years the house was sold out (well offered for a very good price) to the city and since that it has become a great restaurant with delicious food and it also has 8 rooms to welcome visitors.

Yumi yumi, me tasting one of their lemon pie (my favourite dessert).

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flat in Malmö Sweden

Hi all,
I found this beautiful apartment on the Bolaget website today. I wish I could have such a beautiful apartment. Well my mum just found one of those kind but in Switzerland not in Sweden, she will move in September therefore I might be able to take some pictures of her new place.
What do you think about this apartment, share your thoughts.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Purifying white charcoal

Sort of Coal is introducing naturally and handmade active charcoal, so called White Charcoal that emphasizes both the function and the aesthetic.
It looks black, but is called White Charcoal because of its purifying ability and white shine.
The purifying ability of White Charcoal is a natural phenomenon known and used in Japan for several centuries.The concept of White Charcoal products is both holistic and scientific. Sort of Coal is proud to introduce White Charcoal designed for purifying water, air and the body
- enriching the daily life.

Serving and drinking local tap water becomes a pure and beautiful daily
experience – with Bottle and Kishu Binchotan, each product is given its
perfect complement.

Kishu Binchotan soaks up chlorine from tap water while releasing natural
minerals into it. Kishu Binchotan softens the water and improves the
overall taste.

Bottle is mouth blown and is designed by Fragile, Denmark.

Norwegian Elle Interior

1. Delicious, soft scarf for chilly summer evenings from Tine K Home.

2. Lovely cushion from the Day Home.

3. A collection of beautiful objects from Tine K Home.

4. Cute little ceramic barrels for fresh Summer salads from Charlotte Storrs.

5. I yearn for a little nap in the hammock from Bloomingville.

6. The perfect fire place for a good atmosphere at the water's edge. From Bloomingville.

7. Light and airy for your feet. Leather Sandals from Tine K Home.

8. How will I keep it in Summer! Everything from the Day Home.

9. A classic strandbag will be my companion during Summer. Tine K Home.

10. Pitchers to drink a nice water lemon orange juice. These from Nordal can be used for both juice and flowers.

11. Totally natural. Trebestikk from Nordal.

Homes that bring the outdoors in

Summer is the season when most of us focus on outdoor living, but there are a few lucky people who get to experience nature year-round. Every season, these homes redecorate themselves with wall-to-wall views of leafy greens, autumn golds, and winter whites.

The glass house
Imagine yourself in that house in winter with a beautiful view, a nice cup of tea and some biscuits to enjoy a warm interior.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Vintage dog

Ahahah I just found a picture on the web and it reminds me of my childhood, my uncle Gerard offered me that lovely vintage dog when I was little. Well I grew up like all the girls and I gave it to another girl who needed more than me. I think my uncle never accepted the fact that I didn't need that lovely little vintage dog anymore. Funny :)