Friday, 4 June 2010

Norwegian Elle Interior

1. Delicious, soft scarf for chilly summer evenings from Tine K Home.

2. Lovely cushion from the Day Home.

3. A collection of beautiful objects from Tine K Home.

4. Cute little ceramic barrels for fresh Summer salads from Charlotte Storrs.

5. I yearn for a little nap in the hammock from Bloomingville.

6. The perfect fire place for a good atmosphere at the water's edge. From Bloomingville.

7. Light and airy for your feet. Leather Sandals from Tine K Home.

8. How will I keep it in Summer! Everything from the Day Home.

9. A classic strandbag will be my companion during Summer. Tine K Home.

10. Pitchers to drink a nice water lemon orange juice. These from Nordal can be used for both juice and flowers.

11. Totally natural. Trebestikk from Nordal.

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