Monday, 14 June 2010

Villa Lindenegg

This weekend I went at the Villa Lindenegg it is one of my favourite place, cause it's situated in the middle of the city but surrounded by big trees and gardens therefore we can't hear the traffic noise of the city. Here are some pictures of that amazing place.

The Villa Lindenegg was built in 18th century by the architect Albert Bridel, the sad part of that story is that the architect and his wife Luise Julie Neuhaus never lived in the house themselves: during the construction planning phase, Luise Julie Bridel - Neuhaus died at only 31 years old following an extended illness. Her husband Albert Bridel was fatally wounded during the move by a pistol which accidentally went off. The couple was survived by four children... One of their sons, lived in the house with his wife when he was older. After many years the house was sold out (well offered for a very good price) to the city and since that it has become a great restaurant with delicious food and it also has 8 rooms to welcome visitors.

Yumi yumi, me tasting one of their lemon pie (my favourite dessert).


  1. It looks like a very beautiful place! The architecture is great!

  2. amazing pictures! thanks for following me back and look forward to more of your fab posts soon!


  3. Fantastic post...gorgeous architecture....and I am a HUGE fan of lemon pie and you have me craving some right now! Love your blog x

  4. That's a sad story. But it's beautiful - another one to bookmark, I'm loving your blog!