Sunday, 27 June 2010

Painting chairs with your kids

Most children love to draw. Why don't they become the designers of their bedroom? Jean-François Lesage is convinced of their creativity. For that purpose, since this year he dedicates a brand new service to this great generation of kids.
Children like stories even when they play around, they are always drawing something during a day. Their drawings are often touching, filled with humor and poetry. Why don't we immortalize them? This is what Jean- François Lesage proposed by reproducing children's painting on chairs. A drawing of a child brings an emotion on a fabric. Don't you think so? :)


  1. Um... this would be interesting. I think I know what my four-year old would draw: strange lines and almost circles along with dots, which are supposed to be alien footsteps. You think we should still try this experiment?! :-)

  2. So cute! A friend of mine recently framed a *finger painting* her pre-school age sons made. Honestly, it looks like something you'd see in a gallery... it's huge, the frame is gorgeous, and the colors are lovely. She laughed at me when I asked her where she purchased her gorgeous artwork :)

  3. Superbe et travail très intéressant !
    Quand "l'ancien" prend des couleurs et des allures de comtemporain, l'assemblage des deux peut réserver des suprises comme ici ! J'adore ces couleurs et ces motifs, graphismes qui donnent une réelle originalité à ces fauteuils !
    Bravissimo bella ! ! !

    Je fais quelques pas avec vous en m'inscrivant comme fidèle lecteur...:)

    Ciao Miss !
    Ciao e arrivederci !...(8]

  4. Hahahaha. This is such a fun thing to do with my little cousins. And it produces such a beautiful piece of art! I heart your blog!

  5. HOla!! Muchas gracias por tu visita!
    Me parece fantastica la idea , soy una convencida que los niños pueden enseñarnos mucho del Arte!!
    Te felicito por tu blog , super interesante!
    Un abrazo

  6. What a wonderful idea!! I love using children's art in unconventional ways! Plus, what a great way to make a child feel special!