ABOUT Elk & Ella

Hello, I'm Ella! I studied Design and Architecture. This is my own little lifestyle blog where I hope to inspire you with beautiful images and motivational designs!

My posts will cover fashion and interior design...and, of course, all things handmade! I'll definitely throw in some vintage & some woodworking, we will talk in general about design, ideas and recycling, buildings, patterns design, wall decor & Vinyl Chalkboard Labels too! 

I'm 33 and I worked within the design team of an INTERNATIONAL WATCH PRODUCER, in Switzerland, where I assisted the Vice President Product Development in developing watches for brands like BURBERRY, EMPORIO ARMANI, ZODIAC and PORSCHE DESIGN.

October 2007 I organized one of my first dreams, an exhibition in the restaurant AU BANNERET, in La Neuveville, in Switzerland. For the first time I had the chance to show a collection of paintings that I had never shown before.
Later on I was able to present different Housing Projects in Geneva, it was a real success.

In 2009 I was accepted in the prestigious architecture and design school ATHENAEUM and EPFL for the Technical and Innovation part of my studies, in Lausanne, in Switzerland.

Design gives me the opportunity to realize new projects in my life.

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