Monday, 14 November 2011

How to bake a brownie in an eggshell

La Receta de la Felicidad, a Spanish-language site, has Sandeea Cocina's great little HOWTO for baking brownies inside blown eggshells. You make a hole in the shell with a corkscrew, stand the shell up in a muffin tin with tin-foil supports, and fill the egg with brownie batter using a piping bag and bake (make sure to leave room in the egg to allow for cakeular expansion!). My mom used to make me Jello-filled hollow eggs, but this is a whole 'nother level of egg-hacking.

What is also possible is to make cupcakes from your eggshell brownies.Once baked, peel them and cut them in half and then pipe a generous twist of frosting, tinted golden yellow, onto the wide side of your egg half. Sprinkle with a bit of red sugar to evoke paprika and a bit of green-colored coconut as your pretend parsley and TA-DA, deviled egg cupcakes!

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