Friday, 11 March 2016

"Hy-Fi," a “circular tower of organic and reflective bricks” designed by The Living (David Benjamin)

This awesome video of MoMA PS1 installation: Hi-Fi has been shared by The Creators Project. Designed by The Living, who have - in a fascinating move - recently been acquired by Software giant Autodesk, the tower's many organic, biodegradable bricks are grown from a mushroom root in only five days, with no energy required and no carbon emissions. In fact, the tower will be composted after MoMA PS1's summer program is over. Learn more about this ingenious tower from the creator David Benjamin in the video above.

Mushrooms might not replace steel and concrete soon, but Hy-Fi shows that they do have a place in today’s construction market. Ecovative is continuing to experiment with products for the built environment, and we at Arup look forward to working with them to push the material forward in the coming years.

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