Thursday, 8 July 2010


In this magnificent environment and with a direct view on greenery, we take the elevator directly into a tastefully renovated older apartment with atmosphere and detail preservation. With two lounges on the park and a wonderful kitchen with dining area for 6-10 people and the bedrooms are facing the courtyard. The generous headroom and all the beautiful turn of the old century puts a grand ambience, with a spacious kitchen floor's heart. Warm, elegant, clean and just amazing!


  1. gorgeous fresh and soft..

    following you back :)

  2. c'est très beau , calme et rafraîchissant comme intérieur!!! JINe

  3. I am so happy you found my blog as it led me to find yours! I love seeing other bloggers in Switzerland :)

  4. These pictures are amazing. In my mind I'm an interior designer/fashion mag editor/architect and the first photograph is exactly how I'd design my place, if I were to design one.

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