Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hudson Covent Garden

Hello my Lovelies, How are you today? This weekend I went to visit my cousin Julie and some friends in London, for my B-day Julie offered me a jewellery, you may wonder what kind of jewellery? A bracelet made of a fork, that is a genius idea that Hudson in Covent garden had, he is selling antique cutlery hand-crafted into unique one-of-a-kind jewellery and accessories. Each piece is crafted using forks, spoons, sugar tongs, fish knives and butter knives.

The collection ranges from bangles, rings and bracelets to pendants, money clips and wrap ties. My fork bracelet is dated from 1930s, amazing!


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  2. wow this is so gorgeous, and so quirky! very unique :)

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  4. I would never even think that was a fork if you didn't tell me! Maybe I would have figured it out if I got a really good look at it. I think that is So COOL, it's so vintage and from the 30's! Wear it with pride, it's one of a kind!

  5. wow that's orginial, cute idea!
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  6. how creative and resourceful!!! it's really cute too :)
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  8. Pretty accesorry, really like it!


  9. That is so cool! What an awesome idea! I love it when people turn one thing and change it into something more beautiful.

    The bracelet looks lovely on you! Happy belated birthday!

  10. WOW that is the coolest thing ever! It's so clever. ps I've seen the Coco film too, I have it on dvd. I'm so glad you like your new powder! It's Chanel, you'll always feel beautiful when you open the compact :-)