Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Cello Cafe in Kilkis, Greece

What would you think if you find a unique Cafe. I’m sure, you will be interested to come visit it. A Cafe has been successfully modified by Lime Studio into a unique place, full of views that invite curiosity. Lime Studio has completed the design Cello Cafe in Kilkis, Greece. The design stands out on the use of furniture, wall hangings, and roof design. The design aims to expose the entire colour space with high ceilings infrastructure. With polished wood untreated concrete surfaces, classic and custom furniture, industrial space has not yet warm and inviting interior. Design goal is also to find a place close to the tools and equipment daily to be pampered on the wall quite a bit of decoration. with concrete timber space feels natural, classic, and custom. Design Cello further highlight the impression of a traditional Cafe. On the walls of the Cafe there are some classic items such as bicycle classic, guitar, classical paintings, and other musical instruments as an attraction. On the roof, Lime Studio adds a unique lamp shaped like a diamond. On the roof is added again the foundation of brick. It looks even resemble its original form, giving rise to the impression of natural and traditional. Design which is the main characteristic of Lime Studio Design. Furniture that is used does not show on the model but still wearing a uniform colour. Some parts of the floor given the parakeet that traditional views felt more complete in every corner of the house.


  1. Love the design! Wish we had some place like that around here..maybe wedo!?

  2. love the look of this place... and it is in Greece?! *swoon*

  3. @Alycia, yes it is in Greece ♥
    @Hettya, which city do you live?

    By the way, girls I love your blogs.