Thursday, 20 January 2011

How to turn a garage into a home and office

A series of clever partitions transforms a former garage into a modern and quirky office and home.

Motor home
A mix of contemporary and old pieces gives a warm and welcoming feel to this open space. An old timber counter, found on eBay, has been modified to incorporate an oven. An Ikea sofa sits comfortably with a vintage velvet armchair and an Eames rocking chair.

Fine palate
The two wooden coffee tables are salvaged factory pallets, framed in metal. The chunky bookshelf acts as partition between the living room and the bedroom.

Office works
A striking turquoise kitchen cabinet, painted by Zoé (pictured), was a second-hand find, as were a birdcage (the other is a wall decal) and the blue chairs.

Article from real living

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  1. I love the coffee table and those light blue chairs. The chairs are so awesome.