Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Faux Sheepskin Cloud Rug

What would you think about stepping onto a fluffy soft cloud in the morning? I love the idea. I actually found this on the following website: Say yes to hoboken

Step 1. Draw your shape on the back-side of the fabric with a permanent marker. If you're using grey fur, I suggest using a grey marker or disappearing ink fabric marker (if not, a pencil will do). Cut out the shape then shake out to remove excess fur/fibers - I suggest doing this outside or else you'll have fur everywhere, including in your mouth :) Stop after a couple of shakes, don't worry if you still see fur flying around. You really just want to shake out the fibers that were loosened-up from cutting.

Step 2 & 3. Generously apply Fray Check (I buy it at Michaels) at the base of the fur (where the fur is attached to the base fabric) all around the rug. Allow to dry wrong-side up or hanging before laying down on the floor.

Depending on what type of floors you have, you may need to add some sort of anti-slip pad or stickers to the bottom. Ikea sells really cheap anti-slip pads.